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About Me.

Actor \ Singer \ Voiceover Artist

The overbearing yet nurturing, creative millennial that makes you want to check your spelling twice, you may know Grace Ingland as the overachieving babysitter, your best friend’s wedding planner, or that blonde girl from the community HOA meeting — you know, the one asking all the questions about why there is only ONE recycling container for every three trash bins!

When she’s not enjoying a glass of Napa Valley Pinot Grigio, Grace can be found bossing everyone around on set as a producer, writer, director, and hell, why not the star of an independent film in San Francisco and Los Angeles. If the mood calls for it, be prepared for some impromptu Yes, And-ing (English, Scottish, and Southern dialects included). If you notice she’s moved to bold red Cabs, you may find her belting out those 90’s pop songs, a Disney favorite, or taking you down that deep dark road that is Adele.

Grace is a member of the International Museum Theatre Alliance (of course she is) and graduated from not one, but two performing arts schools. She also holds a Bachelors of Science degree from The New School, double majoring in Film and Anthropology. Take that, Elle Woods.
She currently resides in Los Angeles where she enjoys organic cold-pressed juice, glamping, and sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring.

Yeah, right.



RECENT PROJECTS and PHOTOS from work I have been a part of.



A small window into some of my work.

Young Mother Fights for her Family

Young Mother Fights for her Family

Mr. Elliot

Mr. Elliot

Grace Almost Got Away With It....Check out these Bubbly 80's Beach Babes!

Grace Almost Got Away With It….Check out these Bubbly 80’s Beach Babes!

Grace Ingland - Theatrical Demo Reel

Grace Ingland – Theatrical Demo Reel



A Dash of Grace Ep. 1 - Justine's Apartment!

A Dash of Grace Ep. 1 – Justine’s Apartment!

The Journal

The Journal

The Evolution Statement

The Evolution Statement

Commercial Reel 2017

Commercial Reel 2017

Lithium - Trust #Fail

Lithium – Trust #Fail

Toyota & Discovery ID present: The Rookie

Toyota & Discovery ID present: The Rookie


Audio & Voiceovers.

01. Voiceover.

The One Memory Of Flora Banks Book Trailer – Youthful, Rich, Grounded

Cigna Dental – Welcoming, Warm & Informative

How Fresh Stays Fresh – Commercial – Fun + Engaging

02. Music.

Soft, Acoustic Country Duet

Red Reigns

Free feat. Grace

Stay in touch

Stay in touch.